Universal Programmer

The Universal Programmer is a device that enables technicians to perform diagnostics and parametering on a wide range of handling equipment. At this time, most of the Still and Jungheinrich machines are allready implemented, but support for many other brands are under development.

The Universal Programmer consists mainly of a console (UPC) and an interface (UPI). The console can be connected to a brand specific interface (eg UPI-JH, UPI-LI, ...). Cables are supplied to connect the UPI to the machine.

All parts can be purchased separately, allthough kits are offered for a discount price. A kit consists of all necessary items to perform diagnostics on the supported machines of a certain brand.

The UPI interfaces must be activated using an activation key. This key is valid for a year. After each year, a new key has to be purchased. When a customer purchases a new key, and new software for the specific UPI-device is available, we offer a product upgrade (included in the price of the activation key).

We bought two PC100 devices from company UMS. One of them we use for Jungheirich technique the other for Still. We use these gears approximately twice a week. Once one of interfaces had to be repaired. In general we satisfied by purchase and using these gears.
Large repair service, Moscow, Russia

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Universal Programmierkonsole


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Schnittstelle für Linde

Benutzerhandbuch Interface

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Schnittstelle für Jungheinrich

Benutzerhandbuch Interface

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Schnittstelle für Still

Benutzerhandbuch Interface

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Ersatz-Netzadapter für UPC-100 Konsole
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