Universal Diagnostic Software

The UDS-100 (UDS-100-LI, UDS-100-JHUDS-100-ST) software is the latest addition to the UMS product portfolio.

Running on the most common Windows operating systems( 7, 8, 10), it has been designed by UMS based on the experience and user feedback of the UPC product range.

The UDS-100 is developed as a touch-friendly application. This allows you to use it on a range of Windows tablets as well as most personal computers.

We have completely reviewed the licensing system: once you purchase and license your application, it keeps working, whether you purchase support packs or not. However, we do encourage our customers to purchase the support pack each year, as it allows you to install the latest updates and raise support questions. Information about the support packs can be found here (for -LI products),here (for -ST products) and here (for -JH products).

UDS-100 Extensions

To get started, you only need to purchase the UDS-100 (UDS-100-LI, UDS-100-JHUDS-100-ST) application.

Supported machines and requirements:

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Download page:

Download the application

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Câble pour connecter votre UDH-100 à votre machine Jungheinrich CAN
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USB-to-CAN interface
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UDS-100 Extension for Linde

Add support for Linde machines to your UDS-100 application
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Cable to connect your UDH-100 to your Linde CAN machine
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Cable to connect your UDH-100 to your Still CAN machine
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UDS Support pack pour Jungheinrich

Achetez un pack de support pour recevoir les mises à jour et le support du produit pour l'année suivante.
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